Fox Valley Community Center needs a new floor

SANDWICH – Did you ever want to write on a floor with a big magic marker? How would you like to have your name displayed on the Fox Valley Community Center floor?

Fox Valley Older Adult Services is asking the community to participate in a flooring fundraiser by purchasing an old tile or two.

When FVOAS first purchased the community center it had a concrete floor, no walls and one bathroom. The first improvements made were more bathrooms and floor covering. That same tile is what you see today when you walk into the Great Hall. After 25 years and thousands of feet, the floors are tired.

The project will include new flooring for the large room, kitchen and service room and will outlast the old tile by many years. Any funds raised over and above the cost of the floor will be designated for parking lot repair.

Sources of funds for the project include a grant from the DeKalb County Community Foundation and the Bradley T. Federow Perpetual Charitable Trust and larger gifts from area corporations and organizations. The Board of Directors also has designated proceeds from the draw down, mattress sale and township donations to the project.

Area residents can help, too. For $5 or $10 depending on the location of the tile you choose and the number of tiles you purchase, you can help FVOAS cover the remaining cost of the floor update.

FVOAS will take a picture of you and your chosen floor tiles. Organizations using the hall also will be asked to participate in the project. Some wondered if they can keep the dirty old floor tile. No, but a scrapbook that includes all who helped will be available.

For more information, call 815-786-9404 or stop by the Fox Valley Community Center at 1406 Suydam Road in Sandwich for a personal tour.

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