Plano High School honors students, staff in January

Plano High School recently named its students and staff of the month for January.

PHS staff nominated students for Student of the Month for the month of January. Students are nominated for PRIDE behavior (Personal responsibility, Respect, Involved academically, Demonstrates safe behavior, and Excellence in what they do). Some reasons for nomination include mentoring peers, demonstrating a positive behavior change, achieving high standards in class, picking up new exercises quickly, advocating well to understand the English language, focusing on academics, setting a great example for others to follow, showing courage in a situation that could have turned bad, and partnering with all students.

Students of the Month for January are Bryan Del Abra, Emma Shores, Jacob Szypura, Bryce Ervin, Marissa Lange, Molly Herbig, Lorina Fragoso, Jazmin Baca and Ruby Aguirre.

Students and administration nominated staff members for Staff Member of the Month for January. Reasons for nomination include offering continuous encouragement to students, displaying a positive attitude that is contagious, helping out in other classes when needed, maintaining efficiency in all areas of their job, helping others in a time of need, being accessible and kind, organizing a program for better health, supporting students in class, and providing a safer environment.

Staff Members of the Month for January are Mrs. Secor, Ms. Gomez, Mr. Kunz, Mr. Tardi, Mr. Dean, Mrs. Tyler, Ms. Barnett and Ms. Chavez.

Students and staff members received a certificate and a breakfast in their honor.

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