Letters to the Editor

Letter: A super day at the fair

To the Editor:

On Sunday, Sept. 9, the last day of the Sandwich Fair, we got caught in the long line of cars heading to the fair, but it was worth it. You know there is something for everyone at the fair, and that is one of its features, so this is simply about our limited experience.

Let me begin with the last thing we did; that was to stop and take in Moo Mania – a free street act. This fellow was as good a puppeteer as Edgar Bergin (if you remember him with Charlie). Today’s puppeteer had a genuine relationship with the children, even having a boy, Austin, come up and help him work Farmer Ed. What a line of patter he had. Farmer Ed claimed his wife left him two years ago and sent him a “John Deere” letter! (I hope you got that.)

To be sure, we enjoyed food from the church stands, but finally giving in and bringing home a cinnamon roll. A last note, and that is about the diversity of those of us attending the fair. It is quite an experience to be with people of every size, shape and color, and heartening to see so many of our youth there. There is so much more, of course, but this computer is acting up, so we’ll say farewell for now. 

Rev. Bob Dell


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