10 compete in Newark .22 Long Rifle shooting event

A total of 10 shooters competed in the Newark Sportsman’s Club .22 Long Rifle Shooting Competition on Aug. 25.

Gavin Drummond was awarded the youth open (optics division) first-place plaque. Rick Johnson (Yorkville) won the senior open division (optics). David Hayes (Sandwich) won the first-place plaque in the limited senior division (iron sights). This was Hayes' third first-place award, winning both the optics division and the iron sights division in the Newark Sportsman’s Club .22LR competition in June.

Jerry Nauman, Bob Gardner, Scott Shockley and David Hayes all competed in the open division, as well as the limited division (iron sights). Dave Buesing and Doug Martin competed in the limited division. Dr. Marc Drummond competed in the open division.

Volunteers included Kris Krohn as the range master supervising the shooters, Bob Gardner was official scorekeeper, Scott Shockley provided assistance with the range targets, Laurie Houle with bookkeeping and range organization. Tony Houle organized the competition.

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