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Letter: Summer Pack program success

To the Editor:

Four years ago, after hearing of a homeless family in the Sandwich community, I never would have dreamed a little idea of helping families during the summer months would have grown into what it has today. With 40 percent of families in the Sandwich School District receiving free or reduced-rate lunches, as well as breakfast and basic daily necessities, the question that came to my mind was, “What do these families do during the summer, when school is out?” After thinking it over, with the help of so many people, the Sandwich Chamber Summer Pack program was launched in 2015.

The Summer Pack program puts together packs filled with basic necessities, gift cards, as well as some summer fun items. The first year, we were able to help seven families. This year, our fourth year, our program has grown to 45 families.

I would like to thank the following people for all your hard work in making this program a success. The following people helped set up, pack and deliver the Summer Packs: George VanDee, Emeri Smoot, Janeen Norquest, Beckie Frieders, Patty Steffens, Kathy Martin, Cassie West, Mike Botts, Lindsey Hamer, Geri Benning, Tricia Kleckner, Kyla Gibbs, Stacy Skillin, Savannah Skillin, Jenna Christianson, Dr. Waters, Kathy Martin, Ashley Grencir, Erin Tamms, Austin Kleckner, Tonya Weekly, Colleen Aeppli, Mary Whitmer, Lisa Gudmunson, Kelly Gibbs, Diane Stilson, Traci Beale, Pat Volga, Jackie Eade, Nevin Thielk, Denise Curran, Sue Swithin and Kim Ekle. I would also like to thank all the local businesses, organizations and community members for your donations and your passion in helping with our program.

Tricia Kleckner

A&B Exteriors

Sandwich Chamber Summer Pack chairman


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