Plano School District 88 introduces Virtual Backpack

Plano School District 88 recently announced that it will use Virtual Backpack for distributing information from nonprofit organizations, intergovernmental agencies and business partners.

Approved flyers from these organizations will now be available from the district website, Plano88.org, through the “Parents and Students” dropdown menu on the home page. This will not replace all paper items sent home with students, but it will help reduce the amount.

Any organizations that wish to submit information to the Virtual Backpack may do so by emailing a PDF to Plano School District 88 at adminoffice@plano88.org. Include a contact name, phone number, requested dates of posting, title for the backpack listing, grade level, and any other pertinent information regarding the posting.

Materials posted on this page are the responsibility of the organization represented, and endorsement by School District 88 is neither direct nor implied. For information, contact the administration office at 630-552-8978, ext. 7710.

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