Letters to the Editor

Your ‘yes’ vote for Sandwich schools counts

To the Editor:

First, it is important to know that the Sandwich CUSD 430 Debt Service Extension Base referendum will not increase the taxes you pay for bond and interest. So, this letter is easy. I am writing in support of the Sandwich CUSD 430 Board of Education’s March 20 referendum to increase its Debt Service Extension Base.

As I see it, we have an opportunity to take care of life safety work that is mandated by the state without increasing the bond and interest tax rate for the school district. In fact, the bond and interest tax rate for schools will go down even if the referendum passes thanks to the 1998 building bonds being paid off in 2018.

The bottom line is that we have no choice but to fix or renovate our exits and emergency escapes, control entry to outside doors, upgrade our lighting and flooring, repair our stairs and sidewalks and upgrade our electrical and mechanical systems. Forget the fact that the state requires these things to be fixed; we have to fix them for the sake of security and student safety.

Relying on the state to live up to its obligation to properly fund our schools has proven to be a risky gamble. We need to take care of our schools and supporting the March 20 referendum is the best way to make sure the needed repairs and maintenance of our school facilities are possible. Don’t forget, you can vote early if you can’t make it on the day of – your “yes” vote counts!

Beth Gottlieb


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