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Letter: Voting 'yes' for safety

To the Editor:

With recent State of the Union and State of the State addresses, we have heard a lot about lowering taxes. Here is more about lower taxes: Your School Board for Sandwich District 430 has announced that a previous school bond issue is being paid off, resulting in a lower tax rate. What that does is free us up to help our children in a different way.

It seems that when the periodic survey of our school buildings was done, a number of life safety issues were noted, which the district is required to fix. It is very good that these items were discovered before something bad happened. (The tragic 1958 Our Lady of the Angels School fire in Chicago is an example). What this amounts to is getting your OK and mine to use the previous bond money for new life safety issues to bring our school buildings up to "snuff." The good news is that in passing this referendum our taxes will still decrease – drum roll please! (Full disclosure: if the referendum fails, there would be further tax savings, but let’s not be that greedy.)

The Referendum Committee has prepared a website with good pictures of the many things needing to be fixed: dseb430.com. Note: if you need a paper copy, let me know, or we can look at the website together.

Here are a few examples of things that we are required to upgrade/replace: fire alarms, exit lights, fire doors to new specification, electrical systems and, at Prairie View, a connecting range hood into the alarm system. The installation of the proper number of exit doors from gyms/multi-purpose rooms would also be completed.

Further details can be seen on the web at dseb430.com. These are just a few examples of the many issues needing fixing. Some are small, but adding them up, they come to the need for a “yes” vote on the referendum on March 20.

The other day we were downtown when the schools let out. It was a pleasure to watch the children and youth making their way home. How vulnerable they seemed, and how dependent upon all of us. They are such a valuable part of our community; let’s not let them down.

Rev. Bob Dell


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