Letters to the Editor

Vote ‘yes’ for Sandwich schools

To the Editor:

On March 20, you will be given the opportunity to vote for a referendum that will provide revenue to make mandated life safety repairs and upgrades to our schools. The repairs and renovations include exits and emergency escapes, control entry to outside doors, upgrades to lighting and flooring, repair of stairs and sidewalks and upgrades to the electrical/mechanical systems.

The good news is that the revenue for the needed work will not increase property taxes. Property owners will, in fact, see a decrease in taxes. If your own home needed repairs to insure the safety of your family you would want those repairs made as soon as possible. This is work that is needed for the safety and security of our children attending Sandwich schools.

The language on the ballot is written to be legally correct and can be a bit intimidating.

The ballot reads: “Shall the debt service extension base under the Property Tax Extension Law for Sandwich Community Unit School District Number 430, DeKalb, LaSalle and Kendall Counties, Illinois, for payment of principal and interest on limited bonds be increased from $87,411.12 to $787,411.12 for the 2018 levy year and all subsequent levy years, such debt service extension base to be increased each year by the lesser of 5% or the percentage increase in the Consumer Price Index during the 12-month calendar year preceding the levy year?”

What you need to know is that a “Yes” vote will provide revenue to make the necessary life safety repairs and upgrades and will still reduce property taxes.

Robert Mitilieri


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