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Letter: Vote 'yes' on Sandwich schools referendum

To the Editor:

Now here is a referendum that will not increase the taxes you pay on bond and interest; so I pledge my full support and hope voters, especially parents with students in the system get to the polls and do the same. Voters will have an opportunity on March 20 to provide revenue to complete life safety projects for our Sandwich School District while at the same time see their bond and interest tax rate go down.

A “yes” vote to allow the Board of Education to extend its debt service would allow the district to generate necessary revenue to make state-mandated life safety repairs and upgrades – and property and land owners would still see the district’s bond and interest tax rate go down because the middle school building bonds that will be paid off are more than the requested debt service extension base.

The future of our community is closely tied to the quality of our schools. We must maintain our school facilities and meet life safety standards. I urge you to vote “yes” on March 20 and give the school board the flexibility it needs to continue to offer the highest quality educational opportunities possible in a safe and secure environment for students and staff. Don’t forget, you can vote early if you can’t it on the day of – your “yes” vote counts!

Jay Rud


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