Letters to the Editor

Letter: Chamber supports school referendum

To the Editor:

At a recent meeting, the Sandwich Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors listened to a presentation from Dale Hamilton. Mr. Hamilton spoke in regard to the Sandwich School District – Debt Service Extension Base Referendum coming up on the ballot March 20. After listening to the presentation and asking several questions, the SACC Board of Directors voted unanimously to express support for the DSEB referendum, which would allow the school to address state-mandated life safety repairs and upgrades.

In today’s business environment, we understand that a strong school system and a strong business community go hand in hand in helping to provide a strong community. Always mindful of the potential negative impact of a tax increase on the local economy, we believe approval of the referendum is in the best interests of our business community. Our community must maintain reasonable taxation levels to stimulate economic development and retain existing industry. We would hope that the district will continue to exhaust every possible option in dealing with future budget concerns before considering additional support from the taxpayers, as well as making local business aware of open bids so local businesses can help potentially save the school expenses.

In conclusion, we believe support for this referendum will strike a balance between fiscal prudence and the maintenance of a quality educational system, which together will provide a strong business climate and an inviting community.

Geri Benning

SACC executive director

Eric Petre

SACC president

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