Waubonsee Voices: Providing resources students need when they need them

Dr. Mary Tosch
Dr. Mary Tosch

The ancient proverb “it takes a village to raise a child” is similar to the idea behind the Resources to the Rescue program at Waubonsee Community College.

This program highlights the many resources available to assist students in achieving their educational goals. Services are readily available throughout the year but may not be important until the need arises at a specific point in the students’ journey. Resources to the Rescue provides the help students need, when they need it most.

A college-wide committee coordinates this important initiative, which provides activities and events to students, bringing resources forward at appropriate times within their journey. This program also helps provide that personal touch many students feel while at Waubonsee.

Some of the resources and services, like student government, clubs and activities, are well known to students. Others like tutoring, job and internship fairs and assistance in picking a major may be less obvious. Through Resources to the Rescue, each of these programs or activities is introduced at a time most relevant to the academic calendar.  

Waubonsee also offers services that assist students with financial aid options, scholarship opportunities and career development guidance. Resources to the Rescue offers events to help students navigate their journey at Waubonsee, learning about important departments such as Counseling and Student Life. Throughout the year, there are several job and internship fairs and employer recruiting events that present opportunities for students to earn academic credit and professional experience.

During the first two days of the fall and spring semester, Waubonsee welcome tents will be set up to ensure students get off to a great start. Staff at all four campuses will provide a warm welcome and a smiling face to assist students in finding their classes, navigate the campus, or just provide a friendly hello.

The Welcome Waubonsee event is always a great experience for the students and the staff and faculty alike. It is our way of getting to know the students and for the students get to know all of the many services and resources available to them at the start of their time at Waubonsee. Stop by the welcome tents on Aug. 21 and Aug. 22 to say hello and learn more about Resources to the Rescue.

• Dr. Mary Tosch is the manager of Student Life at Waubonsee Community College

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